[45 minutes] Household review consultati

[45 minutes] Household review consultati

Review households while confirming basic

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  • 保険加入が必要かどうか悩まれている方
  • 既に保険に加入しているが内容が適切か確認されたい方

Consultation schedule and contents

5 min自己紹介とコースの説明自己紹介をさせていただき、その後コースの注意事項等をご案内させていただきます。
30 minヒアリングと提案お客様の希望などをお伺いさせていただき、必要な保障額や保険の加入の必要性の有無をご案内致します。
10 min全体のまとめと質疑応答全体のまとめとご不明点があれば随時お答え致します。

Reservation availability

Application period: 2022, 5月 19

It is possible to reserve a date 1 days from today.

availableAvailable Seats
Recommended in these situations
FP schedule is not available, but you want to consult.
You want to decide the reservation date
In this way, you can request your desired date and time.
  • Please note that the request only informs the FP of the desired date and time, and does not confirm the reservation.
  • The desired date and time is 3 days from today and up to 1 month later.
  • If you have any inquiries in advance, please write in the comment section (up to 200 characters).
  • Please note that FP cannot answer any questions or inquiries other than consultation.
  • FP will get back to you within 24 hours. If you do not receive a reply after 24 hours, please contact us at the following.
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